Oriental Medicine
A selection of articles about Oriental medicine by
Edward Obaidey. Originally published in the Japan
Times, 1996-1999.

Oriental Medicine: Treating the patient, not the
My doctor looked up from the test results he held in
his hands and beamed at me. "You are cured," he

Loss of kidney energy key to aging
A patient celebrating, or maybe I should say
"mourning" his birthday, once said to me that the
thing he most noticed about turning 40 was that he
had become invisible to a certain portion of the
population. That part of the population, he went on
to explain, appeared to be females between the ages
of 18 and 26.  

Reducing fluids to spare the kidneys
Let's start by being controversial!  The best thing that
people can do in most cases for their kidney energy is
to cut down on the amount of fluid taken into the

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Book Tip

The Practice of  Japanese Acupuncture and
Moxibustion Classic Principles in Action
By Ikeda Masakazu
Translated by Edward Obaidey
ISBN: 0-939616-43-2

From the cover: The book is an in-depth introduction
to a form of treatment practiced in Japan that is
based on the classics of Oriental Medicine. It provides
a bridge for traditionally trained students and
practitioners who are having difficulty transferring
their knowledge of Japanese acupuncture and
moxibustion into clinical practice, and will inform the
reader's work with the breadth and depth of the

For more information please contact Edward Obaidey on eddy8989@gmail.com

Also from Ikeda Masakazu / Edward Obaidey:

The Art of Acupuncture (DVD)
Featuring Ikeda Masakazu
commentary by Edward Obaidey

Designed specifically for training purposes, this DVD
demonstrates the acupuncture and moxibustion
techniques of Ikeda Masakazu, a master Japanese
acupuncturist whose methods are grounded in the
theories of classical Chinese medicine.

For more information please contact Edward Obaidey on eddy8989@gmail.com